ChaosMen opens its doors

ChaosMen’s Bryan Ockert has agreed to open his studios’ doors to me and my camera! ChaosMen (formerly has been online for 8 years now producing videos of mostly straight guys – jacking off together, receiving their first blowjob from a guy, and so on.  They’ve also introduced a new feature on the site – ‘Peep’ videos.  These intimate solo videos are recorded by the performers themselves, after a quick camera how-to from ChaosMen model Ransom.  These Peep videos are lower-budget, lower-quality videos than the rest of ChaosMen’s work, but offer a voyeuristic look into straight guys in their own homes.

Bryan has agreed to let me visit, speak with him, tour the studio, watch a scene being filmed, get some behind-the-scenes footage, interview the performers – basically everything my little heart desires.  I’m so thrilled to be able to profile a studio like ChaosMen, and really pleased and humbled that Bryan has given me so much freedom.  Can’t wait until the end of the month! (NSFW) – The ChaosMen Blog (also NSFW)

I suppose I could just say that ALL links are NSFW, but it’s always fun to reiterate.

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