Hello, Bravo Delta.

Bravo Delta

Photo bravodelta9.tumblr.com

Well, I’m going to Boston.

I’ll be sitting down with XTube sensation, CockyBoys exclusive model and prolific gif-maker Bravo Delta at the end of July and am pretty stoked about it.  Bravo began uploading videos to XTube 3 years ago and caught the attention of NYC porn studio CockyBoys, where he has since released 5 scenes.

Bravo has identified as straight, but has expanded that definition somewhat as his work in porn continues.  He’s very open with his fans, answering questions posted to his Tumblr almost daily about his work, his life, his sexual preferences, his video game stats.  I’m really looking forward to speaking to him about his transition from ‘amateur’ cam star to ‘pro’ porn star, the importance of perceived authenticity in porn videos, and the desire of the audience to pinpoint his sexual identity (for a funny answer to the “how are you straight if you sucked a guy’s dick?” question, click here.)

Take some time getting to know Bravo, ask him a question on his Tumblr, watch his videos.  So excited he’ll be a part of this project!

Bravo Delta on Tumblr (NSFW)

Bravo Delta on XTube (NSFW)

Bravo Delta on Twitter (pics are NSFW)

And a suitable-for-work gif of Bravo eating a pickle

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