Watch online now!

It’s taken a while, but you can now watch Straight Guys online now on Vimeo. Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy!

For those who are interested, there are a few reasons it took me so long to post it. This doc was my masters thesis, and once I got my MFA I jumped right into a PhD. I had a few offers for distribution, but most involved turning this 35-minute piece into a feature-length work—i.e. adding at least 30 minutes of extra footage. While I had tons of footage, I didn’t think that adding it would make the piece any stronger; if anything, I worried that it would be too long and end up dragging on. Second, because I had started another degree, I really didn’t have any time to do another edit, or to shoot any more footage. So it just kind of sat around for a bit. But recently I had gotten some messages from people who wanted to see it, including some from those who participated. And I wanted to honour and thank the people who had donated their time and work for this project, and letting it sit on my hard drive certainly wasn’t achieving this.

A few years on, my opinions have changed on some of the subject matter discussed. As have those of some of my participants, I’m sure—to quote Bravo Delta: “by now I’ve basically come out and been like ‘wtf kinda denial was I in?'” I’m still proud of this work, and a lot of these questions are still animating my PhD research.

Thank you again to everyone two participated and helped out both on-camera and off, and to all those who retweeted and Liked and stuck around to watch.

I hope you like it!


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