4 days of Chaos

Well, Austin was fun.


We went to visit ChaosMen studios, which is on a vast expanse of land 30 miles outside of the city.  Where there are longhorns, scorpions, tarantulas, and roadrunners (we only saw roadrunners and longhorns).

Bryan Ockert, ChaosMen’s owner and director, gave us incredible access to his studios and models.  We were there for four shoots – an oral shoot, a ‘Pure’ shoot, a standard fucking shoot, and a guy’s-first-time shoot, and all were really interesting to watch.

*All names (except Bryan and when noted) are the performer’s porn names.

Day 1 – Glenn and Wren


Accidental rhyming scene partners Glenn (left) and Wren (right) were our first shoot, and quite honestly, one I had originally planned on skipping.  I’m glad I changed my mind though, because there were a lot of interesting dynamics at play.

Glenn is a ChaosMen veteran.  He has been working with the site for about a year, and has 20 scenes online.  He identifies as straight.  And here this brings to mind a question that I get asked all the time – “Are the guys really straight?” The answer, at least based on what I saw this weekend, is yes.

The running theme that links almost all the ChaosMen models (and I’d imagine most straight performers in gay porn) is a need for money.  Pure and simple.  There are those that were perhaps curious about being with another guy and see porn as a safe place to explore those desires (doing it for money makes it ok, all the models are tested for STIs), there are some who admit to being bisexual or at least bi-curious, and there are even a couple of gay models, but for the most part these guys are heterosexual and doing it simply because they are being paid.

Glenn and Wren were an interesting pair, as Wren had previously fooled around with guys, and I believe he falls into the porn-as-a-safe-place category.  This scene was his second, and his first where he was required to interact with another model.  The setup was this: they’d watch some porn, pull their dicks out when they got hard, Glenn would give Wren head, some rimming, they’d 69, cumshot.  Bryan made an interesting point during one of the breaks while shooting – you can tell whether or not the model is enjoying himself  during the scene by where he is looking – at the straight porn playing on the monitor or at his scene partner.  And Wren was pretty locked on Glenn.

Top tip: if your interviewee is shirtless, he can wear a wireless lav as a necklace.

Top tip: if your interviewee is shirtless, he can wear a wireless lav as a necklace.

This brings us to another interesting dynamic.  When I sat down with both of them, after their post-scene shower, I asked them if they had fun.  Glenn was first to answer, and he basically answered no.  He liked the environment, the people he works with, but no, it was never hot.  Now I could tell Wren enjoyed the secene.   He was pretty focused on Glenn, so much so that when Glenn came (on Wren’s face no less) Wren was only seconds behind.  I’m in no position to label him sexually, but there was attraction there.  But when it was his turn to answer the question, he got all bro-y and macho,  choosing to echo Glenn’s statements.  Maybe I should have interviewed them separately.


All in white and with lots of baby oil

Day two saw two veterans (Gavin, left, and Theon, right) in a Pure scene.  The pure videos are shot in an all-white room, the idea being that the background drops away and the viewer can focus on the action.  It’s a pretty interesting room to be in, and it’s definitely an aesthetic that isn’t seen on other sites.  Gavin was a bit sleepy (see fantastic yawn gif) but Theon was an old pro.  Travis, who used to model but now mostly helps out on camera, pulled me aside during the shoot to point out how good a performer Theon was, “He really knows how to turn it on.”  And he does.  It’s impressive (and a little bit jarring) to watch the passion dissolve when Bryan called cut.

Gavin-YawnThis time I interviewed them separately after the shoot.  At Bryan’s suggestion I interviewed Gavin in the shower (thanks Bryan!) where we talked pretty candidly about his motivations, how he doesn’t get nervous before a scene anymore (“Just another day at the office”) and how he doesn’t watch his videos because he doesn’t like the way his body looks.

Theon and I spoke afterwards about his fears of his girlfriend finding out, how he’ll read fan comments to see what people liked and didn’t like about his performance, and how he incorporated a few of the more interesting sexual positions into his own personal repertoire.  He also interviewed me a bit about how long I had been working on the project, why straight-guy porn, what questions I was looking to answer.  He’s a clever kid.

Day three – Gavin and Bay.


Oof, Bay.  Bay is relatively new, and I had seen him on the site prior to arriving in Austin.  I admit I was a bit nervous to film and interview someone I had previously masturbated to, and he didn’t make it any better by flirting heavily with the cameras.  His post-scene interview was probably my favourite, as while he identifies as straight, he admits to having “a bi side”, and laments the fact that during a shoot you have no time to “get intimate” with your scene partner.  Check out his repeat eyebrow-raises below.

Day four saw new guy Kellan’s first time having sex with a guy.  Director Bryan was nervous about this one, as his oral scene had been a bit of a struggle, but it went pretty smoothly.  During the interview he mentioned detaching himself from the moment – “You’re there doin’ it, but your brain is somewhere else.”  I also got a chance to sit down with Travis (he goes by ‘Ransom’ on the site) about his work and how he scouts new models and with Bryan about the desire for straight guys and the kind of porn I watch.


So…was it hot?  A few people have asked me this since the shoots.  The answer is, yes and no.  The first shoot yes.  the ‘first time’ thing does it for me, and though Wren had been with other guys there was a definite newness to his interactions with Glenn.  And Bay’s scene was hot, but that might just be the result of a combination of his white bad-boy look and the fact that he was enjoying himself.  Otherwise after a little while it got kind of banal.  After some time shooting I found myself concentrating more on framing the shot in an interesting way than the action unfolding in front of me.  I also reacted more to (fake?) intimacy than some of the more x-rated acts – the kissing was more erotic to me than some of the cumshots.

All in all it was a very interesting, very productive, super fun few days.  Bryan was so welcoming and everyone we spoke to was pretty honest, open, and easy to get along with.  Kind of makes me want to make porn myself.

Final thought:  because we were staying at the same hotel as the models were, we got to spend a bit more time with them.  We rode back together after the shoots (thanks for the lifts, Bryan), had a meal with Theon and Gavin, got driven into the city in the hotel’s electric limo (ha!) with Gavin and Bay.  As friendly as everyone was and as good as we may have gotten along, they seemed to draw a line at hanging out with us beyond that.  None of the models were ashamed of the work that they did, but it felt like they wanted to disassociate from it after it was done.  Discussing our dinner options on the ride into Austin, I asked Bay what he was in the mood for.  “A hot blonde,” he answered.  We went our separate ways after dinner.

11 thoughts on “4 days of Chaos

  1. It would be nice to see how much money these guys make per shoot. One thing you can often notice in addition to them looking at the straight porn videos, people are getting f-cked and never get hard. And the guy who is afraid of his girlfriend finding out is delusional. These videos are online FOREVER> She will find out. Just look at catfish and image searches. She will find out at some point. But worse than that, these guys don’t consider how this will affect their future aspirations, relationships, careers. Its 2013 but things are nt 100% different. You will be known for doing porn – gay porn – at that. Youre in your 20s so you think youre invincible and nothing can hurt you. I hope you asked them if theyve considered the long term consequences, if they worry about STDs, if theyre worried about their parents and families finding out, if they worry about how this will affect current and future relationships. Is the short term change for a few bucks worth it. Its hard to believe that all these handsome guys cannot find regular jobs. Look at that ‘straight” guy who was on Real World and had done Fratmen video. All of that immediately came out – despite his using a different name and denying it to everyone. he even claimed he never had intercourse and all those clips are easily found online today.

    • Documentaries are suppose to reveal not reinforce what’s hard to believe or stay on the surface so you the documentarian can continue what these days are contrived illusions “fantasy” at best. If you truly are heterosexual, a few hundred bucks is not enough to have anal sex and suck dick in private and drunk then to “perform” on camera, permanently on video around the world forever, with gay men directing and in the room – and that would just be one scene, a lot of scenes and on multiple sites with lots of guys…. And bi curious, isn’t curiosity over after you have done it one time? And no, if one of the “actors” is watching a “straight” porno, the scene would be no good to a viewer like me, let alone be a “hot” scene!!!

  2. You’re shooting yourself in the foot and showing your bias by coming out and saying this: “Are the guys really straight?” The answer, at least based on what I saw this weekend, is yes.”

    Granted, the name of your project is “Straight Guys,” but if you’re going to do this project and try to deconstruct this whole phenomenon, you might want to be a little more insightful. Otherwise all you’re doing is using this project to live out your own “straight guy” fantasy, which is something that has been done before a hundred times over. It’s something the producers are doing themselves by shooting this kind of stuff. So far your project is nothing more than you getting behind-the-scenes access to guys you think are hot because you yourself buy into the “straight” myth.

    Are the guys really “straight?” Isn’t that the answer your entire project should be answering (and in a complex way)? If that’s what your goal is, then simply throwing a “yes” out there without any kind of real unpacking of the issue means that your project is already pointless. Your documentary is going to end up being nothing but another means to blow smoke up these guys’ asses to reaffirm their so-called “straightness” so that they will keep doing what they’re doing and feel good/safe about it. You’re making yourself part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    How about getting these guys to define what “straight” is for themselves and why they use the label and what they mean when they use the label. You got pretty close to this in the Bravo Delta interview. But with guys like Glenn, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper and a little harder. If you’re not willing or they’re not willing to do that, brushing it off by claiming they’re “straight” is irresponsible and uninsightful. It’s like asking someone if they believe in God and having no idea what “God” is or means to them so you accept a simple answer of “yes” or “no.” That doesn’t explain anything or provide any kind of elaboration.

    Having seen Glenn’s videos, I can guarantee you the man is not “straight.” At least, not straight in the sense of my straight brothers, my straight friends, my straight coworkers. None of them would do any of the things that Glenn does, for the fact that they are straight. That Glenn is able to bring himself to willingly do these things with other men indicates that (by definition alone), he is not straight. Whether he is doing it for money is irrelevant and beside the point. There are plenty of actual straight men who need and want money and they don’t choose to have sex with other men to make it, although the same option is there for them. The fact that these guys end up in gay porn speaks volumes about their sexuality, whether they are aware of it or not or conscious of it or not.

    Just because a guy watches straight porn to get aroused doesn’t mean he’s not “into” what is going on or is not “turned on” or is “straight. Bryan has said this kind of stuff before and it’s pretty shortsighted. These guys are not stupid. They know that the “straighter” they seem to be the more money is in it for them. They go in with this mindset and slip into that role, even when not filming. I’ve seen it firsthand. They are working the producers and are aware of that the entire time. Everything they do is part-and-parcel of this ploy of marketing heterosexuality. The fact that producers (and consumers) can be so easily manipulated is because they want the “straight guy” fantasy to be true. Guys like Glenn are capitalizing on that and you are allowing yourself to become nothing but another tool for them.

    My point is not to attack you here. My point is to ask you to do better than shooting yourself in the foot by giving these guys a pass by arbitrarily saying they are “straight” before your project is even really off the ground. You’re going to lose viewership from anyone who wants something constructive and thoughtful and only end up providing gays who have a straight fetish one more thing to fulfill their disturbing fantasy. Maybe that’s what you’ve set out to do, but it didn’t seem like it in the beginning.

    Maybe the answer to the “are these guys really straight?” question is “they seem to think they are.” That’s really all that matters at this point, what they think they are and how they want to label themselves. However, their desperate need and desire to see themselves as “straight” because of the reward system built into that label is the heart of what your film could be getting at.

      • Hi there,

        I don’t think I said that. I certainly didn’t mean to. I don’t consider it a positive or negative thing really – just an interesting topic to explore, both in terms of the performers and the audience.

      • If a guy is willingly having gay sex (even for money in porn) then he is not “straight.” He and others can label themselves that as much as they want but by definition of straight alone, a man who willingly chooses to have sex with other men is not “straight.”

    • Agree with every word! Do I like Chaosmen and others, yes, but sometimes some of the scenes are so annoying to watch because the “actor” or narrator is trying too hard to convince us it’s their first time, how “straight” they are, or what kind of girls they like (and why would gay guys want to know that????) never had anal with a guy and on camera and that it’s their first time. I prefer something like “I like sex with guys, but I consider myself to be “straight” and since I’m an exhibitionist, making money while being filmed is just icing on the cake!”

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