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“Straight-Guy Porn” is a wildly popular subgenre of online amateur pornography that features supposedly heterosexual men having sex with other men for a gay male audience. Why do some gay men prefer to watch sex between two heterosexual men? Where does this desire come from? Is it innate or is it learned? And why would men who identify as straight choose to perform in gay porn? Straight Guys follows filmmaker Daniel Laurin on his journey to answer these questions and reconcile his own relationship to this type of pornography. Daniel speaks to porn historians, porn theorists, porn producers and the performers themselves.

Straight Guys is a lighthearted look at a very real and pressing set of questions. As children and teenagers get more and more of their information from the Internet, pornography has become an increasingly prevalent source of sexual education. It is an even more influential resource for gay/bisexual/questioning teens, who have very few examples of gay sexuality in mainstream media. This film uses Straight-Guy Porn as an entry point into deeper questions about gay desire in a very straight world.

Straight Guys is playing on June 4 as a part of the DOC NOW Festival in Toronto.  Full details about the festival and screening times can be found at docnow.ca.

22 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. A lot of these guys arent straight. We all know sexuality is on a continuum and these guys are bi to some extent. I dont know many 100% straight guys who would regularly be having sex with men. But also many of these straight sites basically have gay models pretending to be straight. Just another way to exploit horny gay men. Theres so much free porn anyway, I dont know why people would pay for this stuff

  2. This concerns me on so many levels. I hope this docu makes a serious point that many gay men do not share this same fetish. Already a huge number of people think that all gay men want is a str8 man. The “gay panic” defense is being used in many hate crimes and sometimes successfully. It also feeds the belief that being str8 is being a real man, while being gay isn’t.

    I hope the producer has taken all of this into serious thought before, during and after the project is completed.

    • You’re right…not all gay men share this fetish but not all gay men share any single fetish. Each fetish is a segment of the population turned on by something specific. I don’t think that we should be afraid to discuss certain things because we’re worried how the straight mainstream will interpret them. This is a valid topic worth exploring.

      • No one who commented so far has suggested or said it wasn’t a valid topic, just that the “exploring” results in something of substance.

  3. Are you going to interview straight guys who’ve successfully transitioned from gay porn to straight porn as well? Because there’s a ton of them.

  4. I’m rooting for what Hugh’s said. That would add a different perspective into this film. Hope you would find someone would be willing to share that kind of stories (from gay porn to straight porn). Getting even more excited now.

  5. How much does it matter what somebody in a video “is,” let alone what “is” means in terms of preferences for sexual encounters in the larger world? A porn video is a fiction. It shows a story about fictive personages interacting in the style of one genre or another to love, dominate, enjoy themselves, have a quickie. Rock Hudson and Doris Day were filmed in playful, charming stories. Hudson there was a very good actor. For Hudson, the man, we may regret his illness, the circumstances that prevented him from acting in films that might show other aspects of his “nature,” but he was very good at being “Rock Hudson.” A moment of praise for what a good actor Reese Rideout has been, amused, versatile, butch, whatever, sustaining dozens of scenes. If this actual man has a wife who calls herself Becki, how much does that matter? That said, pornography also requires physical capacities and has medical risks. In an interview the actor Dale Cooper has called himself a “manual worker.” One can lift that bale on set, or most of us can’t. It might be an advantage to have the hots for a co-performer, but casting may rule that out. For the rest, it seems studios big and small are ready to push a designation of an actor as straight or gay, where gay seems to mean “versatile,” and meanwhile, subscribers, put out your money, because coming up in the near future, straight Patrick O’Brian or whoever will be penetrated.

  6. Hello!
    More of a practical question: I live in Greece and I would be greatly interested in watching the documentary in whatever format! Is there any chance it will be available for download sometime?

  7. holy fuck I’m Obsessed By straight guys i belive
    I believe there are many guys who have never had sexual intercourse with another man! these guys Gets His Cherry Popped up for the first time omg! that´s amazing and horny to me.
    the guys from sean cody and fratpad are the most straight for me they are very masculine and “virgn ” straight college men was other blog with lot of straight men like Dean cox
    Say Director Admin do You will continue this blog with more vid pics and curiosities about straight men?

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    thanks !!

  8. I don’t disagree w/Dr. re what the “straight” appeal is. This is in part what frustrates me, and I find offensive! The “straight” male appeal has become diluted for me because bisexual males and “closet case” homosexuals are insisting they are heterosexual/”straight” with a dick in their ass and mouth and they are performing sex that they, supposedly, find gross, disgusting and so uncomfortable/painful for them just for a few of bucks, and for some having to project their internal shame or disgust toward a gay person in the form of murder, bullying, etc. What they do to themselves like drugs (supposedly for some viagra) and whatever else. What I have a deep frustration with is the insistence that these guys are “straight” that for them is synonymous with heterosexual. To the Dr, in all due respect, but to say, “…then maybe heterosexuality isn’t the inflexible monolith it’s made out to be,” seem to stop short of saying this flexibility is bisexuality.

    It seems to me Daniel that this documentary was just an expense exercise of self-indulgence disguised as some scholarly work! If it is supposed to be a scholarly work, in many ways, it failed given your concern for the education and well being of gay youth.

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